What is the Laserfiche Solution for Document Management?

Document management by Laserfiche:

  • Stores and manages scanned images of paper documents and electronic documents (files).
  • Allows all types of documents to be shared on your company’s computer network.
  • Provides powerful features for indexing, searching, and retrieving your documents.

Laserfiche is a self-hosted, server-based system.

  • Laserfiche resides on your organization’s network – NOT a third-party host.
  • Your documents are housed and maintained by your organization, at your organization.

Laserfiche is user-friendly and easy to learn.

  • The Laserfiche user interface looks exactly like Windows, and uses Windows controls and features.
  • Laserfiche documents are filed in folders that look and act like Windows.
  • User training for most Laserfiche users requires less than one hour.

Laserfiche has a fast, powerful and easy-to use search system.

  • A single search can scan an entire repository in seconds, to find one or more words contained in document text, document names, folder names, and index data.

Laserfiche is a database-controlled system. Documents are indexed for easy filing and fast retrieval. With Laserfiche:

  • Your document-related processes, such as routing, review, approval, filing, and notification, can be easily automated.
  • Your document system can be connected to other systems in your organization.

Laserfiche documents are accessible AND secure. Laserfiche:

  • Makes your documents readily accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Protects your documents with advanced security features control that each user’s access to documents and system features.

Laserfiche connectivity options include:

  • Office network - LAN/WAN
  • VPN / Intranet
  • Terminal Services
  • Laserfiche Web Access / Web Link

Laserfiche document sharing is NOT like the typical unregulated shared drive space that most companies have on their Windows network.

  • Laserfiche security enforces your policy and procedures for document and folder creation, naming and filing. The result is an orderly environment with uniformity in design and appearance.
  • Laserfiche Workflow automation moves, names and files documents automatically, according to your organization’s business process rules.
  • Laserfiche Audit Trail tracks how and when documents are accessed and used.

Laserfiche users’ favorite features and benefits:

  • No more visits to the file room! Users find, retrieve, print, email and fax their documents instantly, right from their desks.
  • Quick to learn. Easy to use.
  • Full-text searching (It’s like using Google).
  • Drag-and-drop e-mails, spreadsheets and other documents directly into Laserfiche.
  • Annotate documents with electronic sticky notes, stamps and highlighters.
  • Copy text from documents’ images to use in creating new documents.
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